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Running with my dog :-)

Hi all, my goal when I graduate is to be able to run with the canicrossers (a group of proper runners who run with their dogs)

I went on Saturday to join them for a beginners walk/jog and get my dogs fitted with proper harnesses so I can practise at home.

It went so well my dogs were naturals, the lovely guy who took us out (myself and another lady) was impressed with our performance and had expected to do more walking, we covered more ground than he had planned and got back a lot earlier.

I was so preoccupied with the dogs (trying to teach them the 'left-left' 'right-right' 'on-on' calls)I didn't take much notice of how long I ran for, but goodness I felt it the next day and still thismorning!! Running xcountry in mud is certainly a lot harder, but I'm really pleased I did it, I was putting it off because i felt I wouldn't be good enough but I think I could be :-). I maybe last but at least i now feel I can join in,

Thank you so much Laura ;-) and all fellow bloggers your encouragement means so much xx

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BTW, for those who know what I'm talking about I wore my new pink jacket x


Excellent, sounds such fun :) Used to have dogs but, alas, no more. Could never have kept up with Irish Setters LOL. Glad the pink jacket got an airing .... A few more muddy runs and you won't even recognise it as pink ;) Lots of luck. Linda :)


Haha x my dogs are just as fast (Weimaraner and vizsla) they are strapped to your waist so they 'pull you along' ;-)


I don't know which to be more impressed by - that your dogs are so well behaved or that you wore the pink jacket in public.


They were soooo good they just knew what to do very proud mummy


Had no idea what canicrossing might be, so had a quick google... WOW! What a lovely sport.

Hope your legs are feeling better by now.


It is as much fun as it looks, think I could become hooked, my dogs certainly are, x

No legs are really feeling it, I can't see I did much more than w7 is doing at mo!! It must be the running on mud and xcountry, they are sooo far ahead of what I'm capable of but it's my goal x


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