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9/1 epic fail!

I decided to tackle a the hill from the more challenging direction of which I live at the top.

I think I just flew down the hill and maybe my pace was then too fast, but I did pretty well, got almost back to the top then had to walk a bit - I mean I really had to!

Then someone nearly drove into me and I had to stop.

Started running again but then I got this horrendous stitch. I've had mild ones before and managed to run through them using the outbreath opposite leg thing but this one was just awful. I walked again and I was 15 mins in.

I just decided to put it down to experience and go home. I hope I will be able to manage that route some time soon. Thinking I might try an easier route again this evening so I can stay on target. I want my graduation run to be my 5k race on the 10th.

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Oh no that must have been really disappointing but lots of people have a bad run. Just chalk it up to experience and you'll be fine. I have 9/2 tonight. Having reached this stage with all that preparation we just need to get through them. Good luck with the 5k graduation I'm sure you'll smash it


Thanks. We're nearly there! :-)


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