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I think that I am finally getting why much of the "music" for running is mindless dance beats with no melody. Read this

steveboy.com/blog/?p=762 I guess it does make sense. One good thing about Podrunner is the very wide variety of beats (BPM's) . Most of this stuff on the Internet - including the C25K+ podcasts are too slow for me and I cannot run to them. (although I have now figured out how to increase their tempo)

He also seems to have a good variety of running programmes -- has anybody used them?? Unfortunately he only provides the Podcasts with no info about what is inside them. EDIT -- I have now found the list of intervals inside each programme.

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  • As someone who is completely focused on the beat whilst running, that all makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing.

  • Makes complete sense - thanks for the link! My issue is that I simply can't handle "dance beats" - no way, no how... ever... :)

    Rock on!

  • Hmmm... that does make sense. Like assiegtc I hate "dance beats" with a vengeance. But it makes sense. Maybe I'll give it a go just once. Just to see how long it takes before I rip the earphones out and make myself run naked (music-less).

  • I tried Podrunner for the first time yesterday and really liked it (think it was Wonderground @155bpm). Even got myself a new PB. I'm planning on using it for maybe one of my three runs a week, just to mix things up a bit and avoid boredom :)

  • very plausible. When my husband did an african drumming course, his teacher taught them to "mix up" the rhythm's so as to avoid accidentally triggering a trance-state, either in themselves or in listeners.

  • hi, very interesting and makes a lot of sense. I donwnloaded a couple and I will try them. Ty very much!

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