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Achilles Tendonitis / Tendonopathy

Any other sufferers? I was injured two weeks ago (as regular readers will know) and diagnosed on Friday just gone. I've done a few days of the exercises I was given and told that when I do start running again to start off running 1K, then 2K , 3 K etc but I don't know WHEN I can start running again. To be honest, it hardly feels any better after two weeks and the exercises are painful but as I can't even walk properly yet, I'm guessing I shouldn't be running. My poor doctor is sick of me so I don't really want to go back with a silly question. I know people heal at different rates but does anyone else have any experience of this injury? Should I wait until it's completely better? I do hope not. I'm bored already :(

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Yes I know but rest is the only cure , I had it & it took 9 wks . Don't even think about running if you can't walk on it ! I did my stretches , from physio , have you been referred to one , because in my opinion doctors don't have a clue ! You will get there , it just takes time I'm afraid .


I am resting my Achilles tendon at the moment. I am doing the heel raise, heel drops exercises religiously. I was told not to run until I was free from pain, which I am not, yet.

My tendon gets very painful if I do even a small amount of walking so I use the ice pack on that.

We simply have to be patient because the alternative is surgery - which will take for ever to heal. (I had several months of plaster casts for the problem a few years ago and I do not want to go back to that!)

Rockette is quite right - we MUST be patient. If we are not we may do irreparable long term damage.

I know this is not the reply you want to hear but we must be sensible about it. Oooh, that sounded awfully judgmental, I'm sorry, I don't want to sound patronising.


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