Been to the doctors this morning and he says I have tendonitis, he said he could sign me off work and gave me some exercises. I didn't fancy being off work so I'm still working but if I can't do it I can have a week off with out a doctors note anyway but I don't think I'll need to do that. I'm bored of sitting around already as I have load of things I should be getting on with. Looks like running is off the menu for a while, I'm going to give the Strength and flex programme a spin when I things are working better.


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9 Replies

  • Sorry to hear this - tendonitis sucks. Is this in your leg or wrist?

  • oh no, that's sucky!

  • Is it achilles tendonitis? I've suffered with that and found eccentric heel drops very helpful.

  • Agree with 5korbust these worked for me after a session with the physio. A couple of weeks and she had me slowly running on a treadmill and checked I was running correctly and not leaning or favouring that leg. It will work, i still do my exercises now if I get even the slightest twinge.

  • It's in my left knee, I got the ice on it at the moment.

  • It's awfully frustrating isn't it. Been off just over 2 weeks, waiting for mri scan results from Saturday. Still aches if I do too much, ie. Just normal stuff. Keep with the ice and good luck x

  • Aw Plop ! Sorry to hear this, you must be as sick as a chip !

    Hope it feels better soon , flippin ' injuries - Pah ! xxx

  • So sorry to hear this , plop. Hope your knee starts to feel better very soon :)

  • Hi, I've had knee tendonitis and housewife s knee for past 5 weeks, that's almost twice as long as the time I was doing the Couch25k! My knee is better in that I can put more weight on it and sometimes feels fine, but other times still painful, especially at night. Started throwing my back out, due to walking funny/ limping too. Started remedial massage last week and it's helping, but she said it could take perhaps another 5 months. Running is out of the question for me in the meantime... good luck with it, I feel for you!

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