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Week 5 Run 3, second attempt - I did it!


After last weeks mishap of not quite finishing week 6 run 2 instead of week 5 run 2, I went out on Saturday to do week 5 run 3, but had to stop after 10 minutes for a minute walk before continuing to the end. I knew on the day that my heart wasn't in it, and I went first thing in the morning ... I much prefer an afternoon run once I've woken up. So this afternoon was attempt number two. I decided to run the same route, but in reverse, so instead of running up an incline I would be running down it and I also made a determined effort to just keep it as slow as I could, (even the warm up walk - I often wondered whether I was wearing myself out before I'd even got to run lol) and despite the first 5 minutes of running of telling myself that running wasn't for me, and I couldn't run, and wasn't making progress, and I would have to post on the forum that I had given up, I realised after 10 minutes that I wasn't as exhausted as previous runs and for every extra minute I run without walking that it was an improvement on Saturday. By the time Laura said I had only 2 minutes left I could feel the excitement building that I might just actually complete it!! And I did, and I did an extra 30 seconds just for the fun of it! Lol

So next time I go out I need to revert back to the normal route and beat that incline in to touch! Lol

Week 6, here I come!

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Well Done! I remember reading about your mix up previously and being very frustrated on your behalf.

Coming back from a 'bad run' is so hard but you've done what you needed to and more!

Having finished the programme now I look back on Laura's 2 and 1 minute countdowns so fondly. The relief and the elation.

Well done again and good luck :)

I'm nowhere near week 6 anything... But I love that you just kept going because you could very easily have throw in the towel... But you didn't. I must admit, wouldn't it be awful to have to go onto this site and admit that you'd given up. I can hear the cries of NOOOOO ... These runners just keep sounding in my head every time I feel the way you did. Well done, I'm really glad you surprised yourself and I'll keep you in mind when I'm out there tomorrow :)


Well done. Those first five minute eh? I still have trouble there. The things my mind tells my legs!

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