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Curse of the graduation run? :part2

It turns out that what I assumed was a ricked back is actually quite a nasty chest infection so have been prescribed 7 days antibiotics and no running! Officially fed up. That will make 12 days without running by the time I'm allowed to don my beautiful ugly shoes again. All that hard won fitness is evaporating before my eyes. Haven't worked out how to get the little yellow smilies into my posts yet, so *sad face!*

Have indulged in some major online window shopping to pass the time over the last few days but, quite frankly, I'd swap all my ever increasing wish list for the chance to get out tomorrow morning and make a start on Juicyju's Dune June. My running Everest (aka The Short Sharp Shock) -short but surprisingly vicious -is calling but I can't answer cos my lungs are broke. Boo! Boo! and thrice Boo!!! I'll be back at w1 feeling like an ancient mum again if I'm not careful. * another sad face*

Sorry to whinge but I'm feeling grumpy. But, on the plus side, with my Pollyanna head on, at least the enforced rest will be good for my joints. Happy running folks, I'm with you in spirit. xx

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Ha ha, extreme full body Tubigrip Therapy, I like it. I'd do it too if I thought I would work!

Suspect I had the chest infection before I graduated but just put it down to an achey muscle in my back from running with bad posture. So there you go, I'm an awful warning about the dangers of self-diagnosis and running with germy lungs. :( <-- that didn't work did it? Oh well...

Sorry you're still not right m'dear. Hope that calf and shin are showing some signs of improvement. Shove up on the couch and I'll join you. You provide the maltesers and I'll bring lemon drizzle cake and Tizer. xx


Oh yes it did work lol :)


IRN-BRU, yum :) haven't had it in years. Now I'm thinking Vimto, Ginger Beer and, king of them all, Dandelion and Burdock!


Worryingly, I had to spell check dandelion! Lol :) <-- can't stop doing them now!


Oh no :'( crying face is : followed by ' and then (

Really is best to rest, I've had horrendous chest infections in my time.

Rest rest and more rest and pamper yourself, your legs ain't going anywhere ;) smiling wink is ; followed by )


Thanks Sweetie, for both the sympathy and the IT support! :)

Couldn't go anywhere even if I wanted to- lungs too crook at the moment. Sadly, not too crook to keep me off work, just too crook to do anything energetic!

Ho hummm back to cyber window shopping I guess..... :(


Sorry to hear about your chest infection, GM. :-( That's rotten luck and I can understand how you'd be gutted to be forced to rest for a while. You won't be back at week one though and you're emphatically not ancient; you'll be running again soon enough and in the meantime we'll all keep you entertained and be cheering you on for when you're ready to run again! :-)


That's so kind of you Sweetie. Suspect I'm being a bit petulant this evening. Need to give myself a stiff talking to! A few months ago the thought of not being allowed to run for a week would be a cause for indifference or possibly even celebration, now listen to me! Oh well, hopefully I'll be back in the beautiful ugly shoes next week and maybe even sporting the saucy new Garmin as a combined graduation/ re-motivation present. Decided on the model, just need to pick the colour :)

Looking forward to reading yours and everyone else's posts :) xx


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