Couch to 5K


After a very hectic week 3 where I had to leave a few days in between each run, I re-did the week which was absolutely fine!

However, I'm halfway through week 4 and I don't seem to be able to complete the run! I do the 3min run, the walk, then the 5mim run and the walk, and by that point I've got a terrible stitch and really really painful calves so I have to stop because it's just too much! I've tried to push through but it was just unbearable! It's weird though because after a few hours, it's as if I never ran and I'm back to normal! As well as the physical pain, it's getting me down a bit that I don't seem to be able to keep going, all the other weeks were fantastic!

Did anyone else have this kind of problem? If so, advice would be gratefully received!!!!


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You are walking less and running more now. Slow down if you need to, doesn't matter f your run is slow. I think kittykat said it all really, but maybe you just need to ease back on the pace a little now you are running longer distances.


Such good advice from KittyKat, you won't go far wrong if you follow it, I'm sure. Chin up and don't lose heart- if it was easy there'd be no sense of satisfaction and pride after a good run! Good luck!


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