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Struggling with week 6


I've just completed week 6 and boy did I struggle ! I know people say it gets easier but I seem to feel i'm getting worse ….. meaning I'm on the treadmill for a few minutes and then feel so out of puff no energy, is this the norm?

Thank you in advance for your advice, I really don't want to give up on this.

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What speed are you doing on the treadmill? If it's not 0.1kph then you can go slower! :p


Please don’t give up, it’s really worth doing. Do you think perhaps you might be going too fast and what about the incline? Maybe you can reduce these. Are you keeping well hydrated? We need the fluid on board to keep our circulation flowing well, and if it’s flowing well then oxygen and other goodies our muscles need get delivered promptly. Sorry that’s not very scientifically put, but you get my drift.

And less scientific, I can’t eat before exercise, but a few squares of chocolate really help! Naughty but I don’t care 🤫.

Happy running 🙂

Hi Noodles, I've just finished week six, I have to say I did find it a lot harder than the others for some reason. It's only natural, I guess, that the more we do and push it the more we find the "limit".

But if there's one thing the app has taught me it's that i can push that limit and break through it!

What the others suggest I think sounds about right, I run around my local park and find myself adjusting my pace quite a lot, sometimes it feels like I'm crawling along!


Week 6 is a battle for many - especially runs 1 and 2 where you go back to walk breaks after a continuous run in W5R3. But what matters is you completed it. Think about it, your objective is to run for 30 minutes and with three full weeks to go you've already run for 25. Difficult? Aye, but then it's meant to be a challenge. But you did it! Well done.

Don’t be down on yourself Noodles. As others have said, you could always slow down a bit (no such thing as too slow - think slower than snail pace 🐌), check the incline on your treadmill or even take an extra rest day.

Also W6 is a nasty one, especially runs 1 and 2. It’s psychological after the high of running 20 minutes on W5R3, but it catches loads of us out (including me!) 😅

So you’ll be fine. Slow up and have fun. You’ve got this!! We’re here to help! 👍🏻


We all have good and bad runs. Lots of people struggle with week 6, I's going back to intervals after the euphoria of week 5.

I’ve just restarted week 6, did 1st too runs (finding very hard!) then was ill and had whole week off. Now I’ve restarted week 6 I am finding it hard!! I find treadmill easier but I do keep incline on .5 as no roads are flat!! We’ll get there good luck!

Thank you all for the advice and motivation 😘 glad to see i wasn’t the only one to struggle xx

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