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Crikey - what a week - another PB!

PBs for me seem to be like Bristol buses - you wait ages for one then they all turn up together. (Apologies to Bristol Bus Company - it's an old joke... based on fact...!)

On Wednesday I smashed my distance PB, and today my 5K - down 25 secs to 28:55!

I actually intended to do some gentle run/walk intervals after Weds exertions but felt that I was going well so carried on. Knew at 4k that a good time might be on, so just went for it!

What's also encouraging is that it wasn't a killer run, I wasn't totally wiped at the end like previously. Anyway, off to Snowdonia tomorrow for the week and some great walking. Might not be too much running though! :-)

Happy running everyone!

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Have fun in Snowdonia and wow...thats a fantastic run and PB...well done you :)


Oh darling...thats made my day...I fantasise about being her as I lay in my post run cold bath!!!!!!!!


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