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Big mistake. Week 8 run 1 done but really struggled - skipped a rest day

I am trying to graduate before my birthday and worked out i can't fit week 8 and 9 in so I skipped a rest day. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The extra 3 minutes and knowing I ran week 7 run 3 yesterday got the gremlins going. After about 16 minutes I slowed down a little and the last 3 minutes slowed down further. Disappointing yes but I still managed to run for 28 minutes at 6.1 mph or higher so I'll take it.With the two warm up/down walks I hit 3.9 miles for today's session. Roll on Saturday and week 8 run 2.

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That is great!! and you will need a rest for Saturday. Keep ticking those runs off for a wonderful birthday treat- your health!!. Good luck!


Thanks Carole


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