Couch to 5K

So decided to stick around this time!!!!

Well after the last run I was worried that Laura would continue to give me the silent treatment.I need not have doubted her...curses no excuse for slowing or come she sounds so happy when she is telling you that you have another 5 minute run still to do...have a heart Laura.....but I did it..run1 week 5 (where I got to before illness struck last time) tick.Not easy, cold and windy.....No rain tho...Happy running everyone and thanks for the support :-)

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Very well done, Pot! :-) Marvellous stuff! :-) glad to hear Laura is behaving herself for a change! You've done well; you'll soon be taking on the final run of week five, which you'll do brilliantly and feel fantastic about! Good luck for run two and happy resting before then! :-)


Well done lady, 1 more run and the dreaded 20 minutes, but dont let it phase you, nice and steady, you will be fine


Thanks....I Hope so!!!!


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