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fell off the bandwagon... Exam stress!

Currently in the middle of my uni finals (scary times) Had 3 exams, got 2 left and an assignment due next tues then its all over apart from finishing the dissertation. Been struggling to stay on track with my eating a bit tho this last week. I was managing @ least 5 portions everyday and hardly any choc etc. Had a couple of post exam treats what wiv the sunshine and everything ice -cream and pimms have been hard to resist. Plus my housemate makin a choc cake! think am just gonna get thru this next week without stressing about it as well and get back on track afterwards. I'm still on track wiv exercising (its a valid reason for not revising! haha) and managed my longest run to date yesterday of 8 miles in 1.24.58. Glad i did it yest as it was nice and cool but dry whereas its just raining today. At the end of the day so long as i don't put anything on i'll be happy, am just aware i've done so well recently i don't want to undo all my hard work. Also if i lose 4.6kg and my brother puts on 3 he weighs twice as much as me!! He is probs at least a foot taller but still!! Would be quite something

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Well done with keeping up with the exercise AND running for your furthest distance - that's really quite something. Hope the running is helping you to clear your head and stay sane. Exams are never fun, however much everyone tells you that "they are just trying to find out how much you know, not what you don't know."

Still, another graduation should be on the cards soon, so keep positive, don't worry about the occasional treat, and best wishes for those last exams and everything else you're meant to be finishing.


Crumbs littlehelen don't worry about dieting at a time like this. You're doing your finals!! Concentrate on working hard and doing your best. Take care sweetie, any weight gain can be dealt with after you've finished. Just try eat healthily and get enough sleep and exercise to stay strong. Good luck


good luck with the exams - well done for keeping running! Don't worry about having little treats - you're worth it! Time to worry about diet etc after exams - just keep healthy


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