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Feeling the buzz again

I graduated C25k last year but let it slip and recently restarted. I was worried I was going to struggle with motivation this time around but after just doing W4 D2 I've found myself getting really excited about my next run. I've sat here looking at potential routes, new running shoes and checking my rota around my graduation date to see which Park Run I can get along to.

I can't beleive I let it slip now - the buzz of running is amazing. I love the jelly feeling in my legs when I'm done :)

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Hi philly, so pleased for you! I'm going out today after 2 1/2 weeks out of the loop, so your post has inspired me!


Welcome back to the fold!


Well done for starting back again, and so glad to hear you are enjoying it. I graduated last year too and was running regularly until health problems got in the way the end of March. I have tried to pick up again but am not really well yet so really struggling. Your post has inspired me to think that maybe I just have to wait until I am 100% again then just start again. Thanks for that!


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