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Imb feeling bunged ub!!

Just brilliant - Friday night I thought hmmm bit of a tickly throat perhaps I'm getting cold - now it is well and truely out in the open - bunged up nose and that horrid achy feeling. I was in two minds yesterday, whether I was going to run today or not, but this morning I popped a couple of paracetamol and by 8am I was out doing Week7 run 1. I was surprised that I managed ok, hit a bit of a wall at about 15 mins but I managed to finish and unbung my nose at the same time. I had read on this forum that it is ok to run if the cold in just a head cold, and I do feel better for it. I am now trying to find alternative routes as I am running longer, I think I will have to start driving to more interesting places to run as I am getting a bit fed up with the same old route, although I try to alternate the start and finish so it is a bit different. Looking forward to being cold free by run 2.

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Well done Lottidog , youre flying now ! :-) I have the same problem with my routes, tend to stick to the same one, the other week I did try a new one but didn't plan it very well and I ended up having a 15 minute walk home...

Hope you feel better soon :-) xxx


Well done - and with a cold too! The next one will feel easy by comparison.


Bad luck - a cold is just what you don't want! Hope it clears quickly and doesn't interfere with your running.


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