W9R1 done, first 5 minutes still difficult

Like a lot of people here I've struggled with the first 5 minutes of the longer runs, and again today I struggled, but once I get over that magical 5 min mark it all clicks (well sort of). Anyway am very surprised and pleased at the difference in fitness from W6 to W9 and am stunned I can run for 30 mins.

5k will have to wait a few more weeks but nearly there.

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  • That sense of accomplishment is great, isn't it?

    I'm not a fan of the first 5 minutes either - and nor is my husband who is uber fit.

  • It's a mental thing clearly, hopefully it'll get easier. Still as you say getting this far is a great feeling.

  • Distraction helps - good music to listen to, a nice view, the news on you iPod, anything which gets your mind away from thinking what a stupid idea running is and how tired you already feel...

  • ha ha i do sometimes spend the first 5 minutes thinking that running is a stupid idea. It passes eventually though....

  • Well done, Matt. The first five/ten minutes is always the most difficult. For me it's anything up to the half way point, after that I start to settle down and by the end I'm really enjoying it and don't want to stop! As long as one is aware that the first five/ten minutes is often difficult, it can be overcome and put to the back of the mind. Graduation awaits you, sir! :-)

  • I have a cunning plan for tomorrows 5 minutes of existential angst so we'll see how it goes.

  • wow, well done you are so nearly there.....great stuff :)

  • Well done Matt. 2 more runs to graduation.

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