Couch to 5K

Week 9, Run 2 - Only one more to go!

Went for a nice run this afternoon after work around the local country park - The rain cleared up just before and it was lovely and sunny - saw cygnets, herons, ducks and a few friendly locals including a guy whom I accidentally waved at last time because I thought he was a friend of mine! Thought he must have thought I was a bit of a loon!

I've set up Runkeeper to just record the running bit (after I've done the 5min warm-up) and today I did 5K in just under 36mins (that's a second faster than Wednesday night!).

I still feel like running is a bit of an 'out of body experience' - like it's someone else doing the running because I still can't fathom that I can run for that long (or at all to be honest). But it feels pretty good and that's the main thing!

Can't wait till my graduation run!

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Well done !!!. I'm just home from my w9r3 run and feel amazing but that is such a good way to describe it- an out of body experience. I can't believe that it's me running that far either. Enjoy your graduation run.


yes thats a good description, i feel that way too! sounds like a lovely run in amonst the birds! i've waved at the wrong person before too, oh well !! good luck for run 3 and graduation ! :)



Enjoy W9R3 and graduation!


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