C25 k while recovering from cancer and on tamoxifen?

I am on week 7 and so enthusiastic that my sister would like to start c25k . She is recovering from treatment from breast cancer and is taking tamoxifen.

One of the side effects is aching joints and tiredness. Do you think she would cope with this programme ?

She really wants to get fit again but has to be carefull not to get too tired.

Any advice welcome. She has asked me to ask you guys!


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11 Replies

  • Ooh, that's a tough call isn't it. Not being a medic my advice would be take it very carefully. Having said that and think about Jane Tomlinson and how she persevered whilst battling cancer. The body is a wonderful thing and perhaps a challenge like this would give her a great incentive. But you know she really must be kind to herself in order to heal and if she does overtire herself it will take her longer to get well again.

    We will all encourage and support her as best we can on this blog site - she will put us all to shame when we are being wimps and not getting out!

    I think with the right guidance she could give it a go. With one condition - that she listens to her body and does not stress at repeating weeks if she has to.

    All strength to you both for the journey!

  • I think medical advice is called for on this one. Very best of luck and wishing her a speedy recovery.

  • Get her to check with her docs first, if she gets the OK brilliant. C25K is not a race, she can take as long as she needs to complete it and what an achievement that would be for her. Wishing her all the very best for a complete recovery and hopefully the OK to start running.

  • Agree with above, see the doctor first but hope they say ok. I am sure my Mum started going to a gym when she was on tamoxifen - as she gained quite a lot of weight with the drug.

    Best wishes for your sister's recovery.

  • While agreeing with the above, I am wishing her all the very best in her running and wishing her speedy recovery!

  • I would endorse all of the above as we've all experienced the elation of achievement can only wish you the very best in your endeavours

  • Interestingly, it's my sister who has had breast cancer and all the nasty treatment that goes along with it that has got me running. She didn't do C25K but got going under her own steam some years ago. She agrees, however that C25K is a good framework to start running with. She's still taking Tamoxifen and yes, she had aching joints etc. I don't know at what stage your sister is in recovery but if her doctors (or try the knowledgeable Breast Care Nurses for advice) are happy, why not have a go? Just make sure that she takes note of what everyone above has said. Good luck and wish her a good recovery!

  • My house mate has just started taking that and ran through radiotherapy it should be fine if you take it slowly but get some advice from gp. The general advice for breast cancer recovery is to keep active xx

  • Thank you all so much, showed my sister your responses this morning and she was really encouraged :-)

  • Hi. I'm a twice over cancer survivor (Breast and Leukaemia) and still taking Tam (which has evil side effects). I exercised through most treatment (even if it just minor bed based stretching) and I'm in contact with a few other women who did the same. It is possible,we've all struggled with tiredness and at times lack of patience, but we've all found that exercise has helped us through both the dark emotional and physical times.

    I'd suggest talking to a Breast care nurse rather than a consultant. They tend to have more knowledge of the after op process and real life effects of treatment. Please message me if there's anything you think I could help with. Best Wishes to your sister. X.

  • Thank you so much. I hope you are well on the way to recovery. My sister is going to start c25k and will definatly join the forum.

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