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I put it off all morning because I hardly got any sleep with a razor blade sore throat last night (which I still have), but I found an article saying a study found that so long as any cold symptoms are from the neck up, then it's okay to go. I have had two days rest so thought I'd give it a go and just stop if I needed to.

The psychology of running is fascinating, it went really, really well and I even felt better afterwards. Yet the other day it seemingly should have been fine and wasn't. Weird!

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Thanks :-)

Well done. I'm doing run1 week 7 on saturday. Can't decide if I should make my own playlist or stick with Laura. I did wonder if they chose poor music so that people concentrate on their running, breathing etc . This really is a mental challenge as much as a physical one. Hope your throat is better

I_willGraduate in reply to GettingFitter

Thanks. I don't get the music for some reason and enjoy a playlist of my own choice. I find good music really spurs me on and can make a difference.

Have a good run on Saturday!

I agree about the music - I couldn't run without it, just having the beat to run to makes all the difference. Hope your sore throat is better soon, happy running!

I_willGraduate in reply to lottidog1

Thanks lottidog. Throat is better today :-)

Happy running to you too

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