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Still hot at 7 am!


Decided that I would go for my W6R2 early today to beat the heat but it was still very hot (muggy really). I did a whole circuit which is about 2.5 miles and was amazed that I could run despite having jived last night from 8pm - 11pm (which was unbelievably hot and sweaty, as there were about 150 dancers in the hall!) I think by the end of the week it will be cooler (please) with a smidgin of drizzle for added comfort? Looking forward to 25 mins running on Saturday then bring on Week 7!

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Well done - believe me, it was even hotter at 10.30am when I ventured out!


Well done Lottidog ! Youre doing fab , and after all that jiving as well ! :-) Good luck on your next run and I hope its cooled down too. xxx


Well done! A great achievement, especially given the heat and that you were out jiving until late! It has been really warm early on, lately. Uncomfortably so. Good luck for run three! :-)


Well done for getting out there. I hate running in the heat. When I was training for a half marathon last summer I was out of the house at 5.45am to be able to get it done before it was too hot. Even then, if the sun was shining, it was too warm.

Good luck with the 25mins!


Well done, you are making amazing progress. Yes, it is far too hot to run. Today, here in Bedfordshire, we've had quite a storm with thunder, lightening and heavy rain. Hopefully, things will cool down a bit now and feel fresher. Good luck with your next run and my best wishes.

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Thanks Fitmo - hope your running is going well

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