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W8R2 - worrying about life after C25k and reptiles

Well it looks like I'm almost there, but I'm starting to mither about what comes next. I've enjoyed the varied challenges so far but I'm feeling slightly daunted at the prospect of having to think for myself after week 9.

So far I have done this all on a treadmill. The main reason being I am currently living in Singapore and can only really run in the afternoons. Attempting this outside in W1 was like trying to drink a pint of lava so I retreated to the sterile (but air conditioned gym). Also the wildlife is a bit more creepy out here and it's very easy to trip over a snake or a lizard, so inside I've stayed. Clearly one thing I should do is transition to running outside but does anyone have a good suggestion as to how to do this?

This forum has kept me going these past 8 weeks so for that I'm very grateful :-)

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With the exception of the heart and the lizards, running outside is pretty much like running inside, but a bit tougher and a lot nicer. Don't fret it, try it :-)

As for post c25k, there's the c210k somewhere, you could just add 5 mins here and there, or you could just stick to week 9. What ever works for you :-)


Running outside in the tropics is something that most of us UK based runners have limited experience of. Running at the coolest time of day and being well hydrated before and during your runs are the first things that come to mind.

If you don't follow a structured post C25k plan then it is recommended that you only increase your distance or duration by 10% per week. One longer run and a couple of 5ks each week is a common way forward. Set some targets, both long and short term based on time, distance, pace or geography. Mix up your routes to keep it fresh and above all enjoy it.

Good luck. Keep running,keep smiling.

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All I can suggest is that you try running early in the morning or in the evening along by the sea (in the hope of a breeze!) and build up gradually from a few minutes at a stretch, with lots of walking intervals, until you feel comfortable running in the heat.

Isn't that part of the world famous for its poisonous snakes? But I doubt there are many of those left in the the city of Singapore...


They've been 'greening' this place over the past 5 years, so you have what are basically jungles in between blocks of flats so lots of places for them to live. Last month a 5 ft long snake fell out of a tree on the campus here, thankfully I was on the other side of the road but it gave everyone a bit of a scare. Not sure if it was poisonous but thankfully a chap turned up with a stick and took it away.


Campus: is that NUS? Maybe stick to roads and parks not the jungly places!


Right, thanks for the replies, I will get past W9 on the treadmill then slowly ease myself into running outside and trying to slowly increase my endurance.

It is a lovely place (albeit hot and lizardy) so I might as well make the most of my time here and enjoy the flora (not the fauna)

I'll probably be on here in a year's time working out how to adjust to the cold and snow of being back in the UK.....


now snakes, that is something I couldnt deal with so my sympathies, but I also have a fear of doing it alone, ie no Laura, I wonder how hard the transition is ? I am so scared of losing motivation. Hope you find the courage to brave the outdoors alone, a double whammy !


Having lived in Malaysia for a while I can understand why stepping out in the tropical heat doesn't have a lot of appeal! Early morning is probably the best bet...

In terms of places to run -

Some of those look lovely if you can get out early enough!

Good luck - I suspect once you've made the transition your body will slowly get used to the heat and humidity!

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You won't lose motivation if you keep posting on here Judes, you just won't!

Running in the tropics must be hard! I was out running last night in the dry, stillness and it was like the desert. I always get a blast of cool air when I run down the main road, mostly from traffic thundering by, but last night it was dead, not a leaf stirred. I went out about 8 pm ish and it was still too hot for me. Mind you it won't last. LOL

Good luck with your running outdoors. You'll enjoy it more I'm sure as it's just so much more stimulating as there's so much to see out there, and if you vary your route, you'll stay motivated. That's a point for you Grannyjudes. Keep finding new routes for your runs


the support on here is amazing dont you think ?


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