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Couch 2 5K cancelled for a while

GP referred ,me to physio for Achilles problem. But going to indulge in a bit of cycling until I get the OK to start again. Its just a set back.

Anyone know the best place to get "gait" assessed?

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Depends where you are - I went to Run and Become near St James Park Tube. They were great. Good luck with the physio.


Thanks I've found a place in local town. Did you find it helped?


Wish my GP had referred me! Just told me to keep off it. It is a big setback but there's always next week! Hope the cycling helps you.


My local Sweatshop was brilliant, really helpful. You'll be back, don't worry! Same thing happened to me (ankle tendons gave up on me) but the nurse just told me I was too old to run! Took myself to a private Physio and that certainly helped in teaching me the right exercises to do. It also meant I got out on my bike and the cross- trainer again and both these are now part of my regime. It took about 4 weeks before I could start running again and it was so frustrating, but I'm doing the Rochester Race for Life tomorrow and am more worried about the heat than the run!! What I'm trying to say is, lots of us have been through injuries and understand the frustration you must feel but you will get there! Good luck and let us know how you're getting on x


Good luck RK with the tendon...hope you recover the meantime, enjoy the cycling!


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