A couch-2-5k event?

Now our community has well over a thousand members, how about holding some kind of 5k event for followers of the program? It would be a great way to celebrate graduating the program and raise publicity at the same time. As we are all (probably) around the same ability, people might be more likely to join rather than a full 5k race? Just a thought, it might also increase motivation post week 9?


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47 Replies

  • Sounds like a great idea to me

  • How strange a similar conversation was brewing elsewhere......

    I would go for that, it would be nice to put some faces to names. Might be worth doing a roll call of "definites" then find out where is equidistant between all of us


  • I would not be able to give a definite Greg. Being a pilot I work very funny patterns, and as you can imagine booking holiday in the summer is like winning the lottery! I would have to RSVP quite late, but would be definitely up for it. Maybe it's worth a poll? PS, I graduated today. Any chance of a badge pretty please?

  • It's a great idea. I'd be up for it .

  • I like this idea too!

  • 2 x Kent, 1 x Surrey and 1 x Essex so far then! Looks like a centre of gravity forming.

    Assuming you have all owned up to the right locations ;-)

  • I live in Torquay, Devon, Would love to do this, am willing to travel for you lot though! :)

  • oooh and me and me!!!! :)

  • And me. I am in Hampshire.

    How about one of the parks in London? We could all get ther and combine it with a weekend away or some shopping :) For running gear of course!!!

  • that sounds like a plan!

  • this would be good advertsing too.

  • I like the idea but just starting week 5, i am in Sussex

  • That's not a problem, I would hope it would be something where people on every week of the program could attend. Nothing like meeting people further along than you and getting tips/encouragement from them!

  • thats OK it'll be a few weeks before it comes together you'll be able to show off the shiny grad badge by then!

  • Me too! It would be great to meet all the virtual running buddies for real! I'm in Buckinghamshire ;)

  • Maybe we would get to meet the infamous Laura?

  • And get some C25K tee shirts :)

  • i am in york so wonr be able to manage that get together however i did have another idea re fundraising, often the prob with entering and getting sponsorship is that fact that people often are already sponoring someone else so i wondered about creating a just giving account/page for all the graduates of c25k, not sure of the logistics as i have never done one before but i have been on and people often divide the money between dofferent charities so we could maybe nominate our chosen one and see if all the c25kers can raise a joint amount. we might need a geeky member to take this on!!

  • Another one from Surrey here, as long as all you grads don't insist on running 10km in 5 minutes :)

  • I like the idea of this, as long as there is room for the "Brian the Snails" amongst us, do I get the feeling that Dorset is out on the dark side of the moon? Like the idea of somehow accommodating all of the weeks 1 to 9 amongst it as well

  • there is, you're in!

  • I love the idea but living up here in the deepest darkest highlands it probably won't be possible for me. You can post me up a t-shirt though :D

  • chat up Adders he might fly you down!


  • On a serious note, I could probably arrange some staff travel (extremely limited numbers) if people were desperate to attend from up north to either stansted or gatwick.

  • I am loving this idea, I would so love to meet everybody who has been on my journey with me and all those just embarking on it. I realise that logistically it may be a problem as we all live in different parts of the country but but I am willing to travel. Tee shirts would be a fab idea, we would have to come up with a decent design......I'm excited :)

  • Wow, it looks like this is really building a head of steam. This should definitely be used as a publicity event too, maybe have someone handing out leaflets. If we are going to do this, then we need to do it properly

  • Think this is a great idea, I would love to attend one in the future. However, I'm in deepest West Wales so I had better set off now, let me know where to head for!

  • Maybe something for admin to ask NHS bods if they would supply some tee-shirts and we can run around a park advertising the plan?

  • And me! And me! hampshire girl x :)

  • Hello from Cambridge, I work for the NHS and hadn't heard of C25K until something caught my eye on a WW post! I doubt they'd supply t-shirts owing to the cash cri£is but it would be great to advertise the programme somehow. I agree with Adders, if we're going to do this it should be done properly and with media attention. This is something positive, that's free, that anyone can do and is beneficial not just for physical fitness but for emotional fitness too! So there!

  • If no one else has volunteered yet I will try to summarise what we have here but it will take me a couple of days to get to it so bear with me. Busy work wise at the mo....

    But if someone else already has it in hand shout!

    It could be an alternate Olympics!


  • I don't want to be bitter but - doh, another event in the South! :(

    How about a northern one?

  • There's no reason why there couldn't be a northern one too. I was thinking the same thing earlier today.

  • C25k UK tour!

  • Bit late to the party, but I'd be up for it too - West London, will travel! NB what if we paid for the T shirts??

  • Ohhhh - yes please! As the the Martini ad used to say - any time, any place, any where :-0

  • Would have to be in north of England or Scotland for me to attend. There are many companies which will either print or embroider T-shirts/poloshirts, and some of them will simply keep the logo or text on file and make up T-shirts as orders arrive, so everyone can just order their own rather than someone having to source and buy a wholesale lot.

    For fundraising, I can recommend easyfundraising.org,uk - unlike other fundraising websites, there is no charge for setting up a page, and people can raise money without it costing them a penny, simply by shopping online as usual with the companies the buy from giving a percentage of sales!

  • What a great idea! I'm in Manchester but would be willing to travel :)

  • Hi runners,

    Just wanted to pop in & say I've spotted the thread and have also alerted Laura. We're looking to do some Couch to 5k publicity (see my earlier blog 'Publicity & the poll') and also launch the new Couch to 5k+ podcasts very soon (Laura was recording them yesterday :-) ) so a meet up would be a fantastic event. More soon...


  • What a great idea. I'm up for it! and on a related note - we recorded the Couch to 5k graduation podcasts yesterday so we might even have those to share and try out.

    I'm in London but happy to travel also

    Great idea guys! We'll also have a think about what we can do from the NHS Choices side

  • Ooops, great minds, John!

  • Fantastic idea. I'm up for this as well. (London based). Why not approach Department of Health - public health bods. We'd be a great advert for them.

  • Oh man I think this is getting serious!

  • What a great idea - count me in

  • i am starting to get excited about this. as well as venue we need to think about dates...hope it doesn't fall when i'm on holiday!!

  • Would love to join you too - I'm in Leeds but would travel for this as c25k has been so good, friends and family all tell me how well I look and I tell everyone who will listen about the plan so it would be lovely to meet all you folk who feel similar

  • This sounds brilliant! I'm in the West Mids but willing to travel. C25K has made such a difference to me and i'm trying to recruit everyone i know to do it too, so it would be great to have an event that they could come to. Maybe it would inspire them all? And the nhs could video it all and interview some graduates and make a big deal out of us all getting off our couches! Some of the stories on here are inspirational, it would be great if more people heard how easy it is to get moving.

    I'd pay for a t-shirt...the podcasts and support here are free, and i'd love to promote c25k when i'm out on my runs!

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