Thank you my fellow Healthunlockers!

Thanks to your encouragement, wise words and e-hugs, I have finally, after a month off with an injury, completed the Couch to 5k. I only did 4.2k over the 30 minutes, but I have completed the course. It's taken me 4 months instead of 9 weeks, I've been through so much this year and this course and your support has kept me sane (relatively...). I will gradually add 2 minutes a week until I can get up to that magic 5k, I imagine it will take me about 40 minutes in total.

You're all so wonderful I want to take you ALL out for a drink :)

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  • That's fantastic, well done! I know you've had a few ups and downs along the way, but you've done it!!! I am sure you will soon get to the 5k, enjoy the running!

  • Well done: graduation day! Good luck with keeping up the running.

  • Congratulations - you made it. Remember to ask for your graduate badge.

  • I think I've asked the right person, but not sure how to do this...

  • Well cheers! Congratulations. I bet you feel absolutely amazing!

  • Congratulations on getting to graduation - well done. You will get to that 5k and anyway - you can run for 30minutes - if you are like me that seemed a far stretch when we started. Enjoy your achievement.

  • Wooooooohoooooooo! Congratulations!!! Well done. I see no badge though. Where'd it go? Have you applied for it

    If you're buying the drinks - I'll have a cuppa tea ta

  • Woooo! Fanflippintastic Philholly! Your journey sounds tough (time out an all) so just shows how strong a person you must be to get to the 'finishing line'!!

    Mine's a large white wine please...I'll get the next round in!!

  • Brilliant, well done and big CONGRATULATIONS on graduating. 4.2k sounds good to me!

  • Congratulations and well done on completing the c25k. Achieving 4.2k over the 30 minutes is still a superb achievement and I'm sure you'll crack the 5k in 30 minutes soon enough :)

  • Not sure I'll be able to do it in 30 minutes, but to do 5k in any time will be an achievement for me. Now I need to find the next podcast to take me through to 10k :)

  • I think that I was in much the same situation as you when I finished the programme - I could run non-stop for 30 mins, but to get to 5Ks at Parkrun took me around 42 minutes. Now, I am running 5ks non-stop in around 39 minutes - but have gotten it down now to a PB so far of 34 minutes using a combination of 30 minutes running and then some run/walk in the final 1 klm .

    I am now stretching the distance out to 15 klms -- but using run/walk ratio of 2 mins run/1.5mins walk. So far I have done one 10K "run" and felt strong enough at the end that I anticipate that I will be able to stretch it out to the 15ks over the next couple of months before my "race".

    It is still hard work -- but try to enjoy it and you will still get the same satisfaction each week as you got during the C25K programme. My contemporaries are watching me with, I think, something approaching amazement -- and I now can't keep my pants up -- looks like a new wardrobe coming up for me :)

  • Well done and congratulations on graduating. You've put in the work and now you reap the reward. Enjoy your success, you've earned it. Good luck with your post graduate running and best wishes.

  • Congratulations! I'm out on an injury break but am so anxious to get back to running. This coming week would have been my graduation week. I hope I can get over this injury and follow in your footsteps and graduate soon!!! I really miss my runs, a lot more than I thought I would. Nice to know folk do return to running after injuries!! Well done!

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