Couch to 5K

A couple of days off and week 8 starts tomorrow!

Haven't run for a couple of days (did wk7 r3 on Wednesday) and have had a couple of days rest due to giving blood for the first time on Thursday. It's obviously not a good idea to run within 24 hours and I've been out on location with work (photography) today so didn't have much spare time this evening and felt like I hadn't drank much today so didn't want to rise being dehydrated after losing some blood volume!!

But I feel great now and ready for week 8 to start tomorrow morning - I even treated myself to a new sports bra and running capri-pants on my way home1

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Good luck with week 8.

I finished week 8 yesterday and felt a huge sense of achievement, as I have at the end of every week, having been a true couch potato 9 weeks ago.

I too have treated myself to some running capri-pants now that Laura has told me I am a runner.

I do wonder whether you may find wrestling into a new sports bra more challenging than your first run this week!

Enjoy your run.


Haha! Yes sports bras can be an olympic event all on their own!


You're not wrong there!!


You may well find that the extra day or so's rest will pay dividends anyway - you might come back just that bit fresher. Good luck with the start of week 8 - not long until graduation now. Best wishes.


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