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Wk7r1 in the bag but shoulders are acting up? Think it might be the water bottle I am carrying?


Decided I needed a water bottle for these longer runs but now I am getting stiff shoulders about half way thru the run and the same for last week w6r3. Do you thinks it might be the longer runs? Have been trying to do some shoulder rolls while running (not that easy). Anyone had this problem?

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You could try allowing your arms to drop down and shake them out a few times as you run. I used to find myself tensing my shoulders and have made an effort to relax more.

I was getting cramp in my hand when I tried to carry a bottle so I came up with this simple (and cheap!) solution - I use a sweatband wrapped around my hand with a small water bottle tucked between it and my palm. The band holds it firmly in place and I can drink from it on the run with no problem. Works a treat for me!

I agree - shake your arms out, it does help reduce the tension in your arms. You don't actually need "that" much water, so don't overload yourself (I hardly ever fill my bottle more than half way because I don't actually drink that much on the way round). And don't grip the bottle too tightly - the above idea may help.


If you drink plenty before you run, you should n't need rehydrating during a run of up to 10k, unless it is particularly hot, so try running without the bottle to see if that is the cause of your tensing up.


And even if you do need some water -- it would only be a small amount, maybe 3-500 mls. 1 litre of water weighs 1 kg or 2.2 lbs - that is a lot of weight to carry especially in an unbalanced manner


I totally agree about the size of bottle! Mine is a little one - about 250ml - but even that is bigger than I need. I can't find anything smaller. I get very hot, even in cooler temperatures and now I'm running longer distances I find taking a sip around 8k helps me to keep going.

It's not uncommon for new runners (and old) to get shoulder and back pain, it's often caused by a postural imbalance which is a by-product of our 21st century lifestyles. It's a good idea for all runners to have a good cross training regime in place as there is little point in having a strong lower body if the upper body can't keep up. Maybe look at S&F (Strength and Flex) or something similar on non run days to see if that helps.


Best Wishes.


Great feedback thanks guys. The back problem only seemed to start when a) the runs got longer and b) I started carrying water. I do Pilates once a week as I have a weak lower back but the link looks good thanks Olsbean. Ok so tomorrow r2 will have no water bottle and I will shake my arms out. Thanks everyone.

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