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What is a "bad run"? My views have changed.

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Last year when I was going through the program. I remember coming home feeling devastated that I had a failed run. My self esteem was in the gutter and my confidence was out the window. It was the worst feeling and lasted for the rest of the day. Move on a couple of months and coming back from a so called "bad run" today. I was calm and a bit oh well, next time.

What a difference a few months make. As I was walking back i tried to think why I was viewing it differently and suddenly it hit me. Each run isn't pass or fail anymore. I am a runner. One bad run doesn't mean I can't run, it just means things were not in place correctly today for it to work, lack of sleep, four hours late going out and got my hydration wrong. Also a bit of a moody cow today.

Now don't get me wrong here, I am not an accomplished runner by any stretch of the imagination, I am still so beetroot faced and puffy and very very slow. The main difference is I know I will be out again in a few days time and it's ok to stop and walk home if it's too much for me.

For any of you out there who have had bad runs today, trust me as long as you go out next time and try again it will never beat you and will always be a distant memory when you ace the next run.

Whatever the run and whatever it's been like happy running.

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So pleased for you rfc Sounds like you in really good place mentally re your running Lots of us are too hard on ourself and many of us would benefit to look back on our running journey to see how far we have come. You are a good example to us all Thank you for sharing

Absolutely right! When I first did the programme last year I felt a failure many times when I couldn't finish a run and almost gave up. Then a runner friend told me that you're going to get bad runs - even the elite runners get bad runs and walk. And any run is better than no run. It's stuck with me and now I don't care so much if I'm having a bad day, it's too hot or I'm tired... if I have to walk I walk. I'm not about to compete in the olympics, I'm doing it for me. Keep running people and don't think too much about it and don't get wound up.

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You are very wise rfc, well said!

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Couldn't agree more, had a shocking run on Thursday (1/2 walk 1/2 run) but said to myself, at least it's better than having my ass on a couch. Went out yesterday and nailed a 7.33 miler, furthest yet and felt great (upping the miles slowly for my HM early Sept) :) it can definitely be a love hate relationship this running malarkey!

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This is a brilliant post, rfc - you are so right. One bad run at the start meant I was a failure and should give up. Now it's just one of those things, and even if I only manage 10 or 15 minutes, that's better than sitting on my bum for those 10 or 15 minutes, and the next run will most likely be better. As you know, I've been going through a bad patch of running for the last few months and yet I still plod on, hoping that things will pick up again. And you are so right - it isn't pass or fail. We are runners! Thank you, and happy running to you :)

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Yep, I've found this too. I read a book & the author said it's no wonder running gets a bad name when we look miserable as we run. This made me reconsider my demeanour as I don't want to be a bad advert. I not saying I go round grinning inanely, well may be sometimes, but I do tend to actively put myself in a better frame of mind & it's working atm. Actually lifts my mood as I'm running.

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Lots of people look miserable as they run - I've met many of them! Now, I do frequently go for a run grinning inanely and get some very strange looks from people - usually those who look thoroughly miserable themselves whether they are running or not! Cheers.

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I'm lucky here, people usually smile back - makes me feel good instantly.

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