Couch to 5K

Back from Scotland covered in mosquito bites and still got serious tooth pain:(

You remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe is meeting up with Charlie Sheen and they both get chicken pox and have to wear oven gloves to stop itching? Well, thats me. The critters took huge delight in me visiting and have bitten me half to death. Stupid tablets from the doctor, sprays, plugs in etc didnt work at all so its fair to say I could pretty much do dot to dot across my whole body. Didnt go running this morning and thats the first time in 10 weeks I didnt force myself up. Feel a bit like I let myself down. Early start driving to Hull for work tomorrow so want to try Wednesday and Friday this week before Race for Life on Sunday. Feel a bit lost in the whole running thing. Feel like Ive let it slip and its all unravelling........Maybe I need to create a running plan to make sure I get out there and stick to it. I need to remember why I started this.

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Pesky mozzies. I don't usually get bitten but one give me a right hickey on my left calf last week and after a bit of scratching it swelled right up. Going down now thanks to some aloe vera gel, but looks more like a bruise now.

Try not to get down about it Joanne, easier said than done I know, but , you had the discipline to graduate so it's there in you, just sit down and have a good think back to the reasons you started in the first place and how bloody well you've done. Good luck :)


Oh dear - our midges are lovable little things, aren't they? If you ever get the courage to come back, the best stuff is 'crocodile' - it was recommnded to me by a forester in them there parts and I've never regretted having some with me when I go to the west of Scotland.

Avon "skin-so-soft" also works really well - highly recommended by lots of people.

Or you could avoid the whole midges thing by visiting the east of Scotland instead ...

Hope that helps


Ha ha thank you. I did try the Avon Skin So Soft - went through half a bottle but I do get bitten something crazy so its all par for the course. It wont put me off going back!


Aye the Scottish beastie is very partial to the sweet blood of young English quines. Lemon based insect repellent seems to work quite well. I have heard that taking garlic capsules for a week before a visit and during helps too (no proof that this works though) Antihistamine tablets will help cure the itching and take the inflamation away. Hope your sore mouth is feeling better.


Well that's really funny. I was tidying up a long-neglected shelf in the bathroom yesterday, and came across a bottle of the skin so soft stuff. I bought it when we holidayed in a boat on Loch Ness a while back, and I was paranoid about being bitten (we hardly saw any at all, as it happened) and I googled for information and bought the stuff online. Anyway, when I found it on the shelf, I wondered to myself whether it had all been an online scam that it would make any difference to mozzies. Then only the next day, Malcy mentions it!

Re the Race for Life - I shouldn't worry about missing a run or two before next weekend. I've been very lax about running for the last month, but still managed to complete the 5k yesterday, even though it was pretty warm. You might even find you run better if you've had a few days off! :)


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