A 10k race? Me? Oh, if you insist!

A 10k race? Me? Oh, if you insist!

HI folks, it's been a while - okay, I admit it, I tend to be a background lurker (!), but I just had to share this as a thanks to all of you who have (probably unknowingly) been such an inspiration!

Saturday night myself and TurboTortoise completed Nike's We Own The Night women's 10k in London. Wow, it was incredible! It was my first ever race - since school's sports days, which were torturous to say the least - and I was a little apprehensive about applying. But some kind and encouraging words from TurboTortoise and a few others on the FB group, along with the enticement of a very pretty Alex Munroe necklace as race medal (isn't it lush?!), and I was all signed up.

This was a little over a week ago, so not much time to prepare. I had only ever completed one 10k run (quite by accident) and a couple of 9k's, and as you can imagine the thought of a timed, raced 10k was a tad terrifying. Was I justified in my near-panic nerves? Heck, no!!

Saturday night rocked up, race kit was ready, journey to Mile End all planned and off I went. I have to admit that some of the nerves stemmed from meeting up with someone who I had only ever met virtually. What if we didn't get on? Had nothing to talk about? What if I held her up running? Oh silliness, you, it was fine! We met up, chatted (run, run and running), froze our extremities off for ten minutes and headed our separate ways to our respective start groups, no problem about holding her up (which I would have as her finish time was fantastically quick - see TurboTortoise's post We Own The Night :) ).

So, me, TT and 9998-ish other women ran. And ran. And ran, you get the drift of it. It was amazing! The atmosphere was super-charged all the way around Victoria Park and any apprehension I had prior to the event just melted away as soon as I started to run. I completed the race in 1:05:26, which I am chuffed with. And now the gloves are off for my battle with sub-1hr!

Now I have had a chance to calm down and take stock of what happened Saturday night, I find myself transported back six months ago, to a woman struggling to run ninety seconds, three minutes, five minutes. And then I graduated c25k and ran for thirty minutes!! That was in February and steadily this running lark has crawled under my skin and infiltrated every nerve, tendon and muscle, and it is all thanks to the programme and the wonderful support from this community and over on FB. To echo what so many before me have said, it works, really works! I am a happier, more confident, faster(!) person than I have ever been, and I am standing at the finish line facing my next 10k!

So a big THANK YOU to you lovely peeps, I couldn't (and wouldn't) have done it without you!!


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17 Replies

  • What a wonderful story, very well done on the race and it's really encouraging too for those of us who have graduated but still can't imagine running 10k.

  • Thank you, Azores. I'm still a little wired from it! It was such fun, can't wait for the next race!

  • That is an amazing post! Congratulations and what an amazing experience you have had, by the sounds of it! You are an inspiration to people like me, and have given me hope for the 10K R4L that I have entered for the end of July. This is a bit too ambitious for me, as I am only on W7 and haven't run 5K yet, but I aim to run as far as I can with a few walking intervals, and hopefully, in the next few months I will be not too far off! The difference this running lark makes to your confidence is incredible isn't it?! I think I may be getting obsessed! Keep on posting and have a great week :)

  • Thank you, Treemouse! It was certainly an experience. It's fantastic you're doing a RFL 10k - me too! Blackheath early July! During Saturday's race I saw lots of people doing walking intervals, I'm not the speediest and I ranked 4991 out of 10,000 runners, so I think there were plenty of people walking the majority of the race. Best of luck with the rest of the programme, and your race :)

  • Well done! You have done brilliantly to be doing 10k after graduating only in February. Lovely medal as well!

  • Thank you, Squaremum. When I think it was only February, it feels a little surreal! And the medal was definitely worth it

  • Well done you !!!

  • Thank you, Secretjogger!

  • Lovely post, and thank you so much for the moral support, I'd have been far too scared to go to such a big and daunting event on my own. I'm so glad we did it - it was a brilliant experience.

    I didn't realise you only graduated in February - that is really impressive. I graduated in July '13 and was doing 5k in about 33 mins. It took me till January to break the 30 min barrier (it really felt like forever) and only then did I start upping the mileage towards 10k. With your progress you will kick the butt of 60 mins in no time.

  • Aww, thank you, TurboTortoise! I'm about to set sail on a journey of interval training for the RFL 10k in July, see if I can aim for sub 1hr (or at least a PB!). It was great to have you there as well, I know I wouldn't have entertained the idea of a race without the support, it's certainly made me more confident to go to other events now. Same time next year?! :-)

  • Well done you two! Great job!!! You should be well pleased with your progress

    I've not broken the 30 minute barrier yet but I live in hope. LOL

  • Thank you, Misswobble. I have to admit, I don't know my 5k time, I think it's still over 30 minutes as well. But I just love the feeling of running and running, regardless of how long it takes!

  • Amazing .. well done ... am doing my first 10k for CLIC Sargent on Sunday .... aahhh!

  • Thank you, Folliegirl! A huge good luck for Sunday, I completely loved the feeling of being involved in a race, so just enjoy it! And let us know how you get on :)

  • Thank you, will do ;) x

  • Lovely blog, well done! Loving the bling, too :-) xx

  • Thank you, VixieJ. It is cute, and so wearable!

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