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Bailing out. Waaaaaaaaa!


I think I overdid things the week after my "graduation" and increased the distance too quickly (from half hour to 40 minutes and then 45 minutes, all in the space of one week). The punishment? A dodgy knee since Saturday. It is getting better, and a couple of anti inflamatory pills have helped. But it still aches a bit when I get up and walk on it, and I can feel it even when just sitting down.

So I'm bailing out of my 23 mile hike in the Yorkshire Dales tomorrow. It bugs me like crazy. I had looked forward to the hike for a month; it'll be beautiful landscape and I thoroughly enjoy walking. But I don't want to mess up my knee any more at the moment. The only saving grace is that the weather forecast says it'll be heavy rain all day long in the area I was supposed to be in.

Instead I shall go to the local running shop and get myself a new pair of trainers.

Waaaaaaaaa! Tomas in an unhappy Tomas. Waaaaaa!!!

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Cheers KittyKat, you're always so positive! I'm sure the shopping will be fun. Probably more fun than the paying for it *lol*


Sorry to hear you are now having problems with your knee. Whilst it's tempting to increase the amount we do I guess we have to be patient about this. I had a (very minor) ankle problem after graduation when I tried to keep up with Stepping Stones - so easily done. As the forecast is for heavy rain over the weekend (a marina open day may be cancelled at the last moment where I live because of this) you may, hopefully, not be too disappointed at having to miss your hike. I agree, it's better to rest your knee at the moment. Hope it all heals up soon and you can get back to running and hiking again soon. Good luck and best wishes.


Unhappy Tomas has decided whining alone is not going to sort things out. So I'm swinging by a gym with a swimming pool after work tonight to get some price information. It might be a good idea to do some swimming while I'm resting my knee, and even when I start running again it would probably be good to have something to alternate with. So whiny Tomas has turned back into proactive Tomas.

It feels a lot better this way!

Rockette in reply to Tomas

Good for you that's the spirit yeah !!


I think that the recommended 10% per week increase in either distance or duration is a good guide for keeping postgrad zeal in check. Some manage to do more without injury, but a helluva lot of us have been knocked back by pushing that bit too hard. Way better to keep active and build up gently than get injured and have to climb back on the couch.

Hope it clears up soon. Keep running, keep smiling.


Oh what a shame, its so tempting just to make leaps, but our bodies tell us otherwise!! Best is to do a 10% gain each week and stick to your rest days, and you will build up. Good luck with the shoes :)


Gosh. From 30mins to 40 & then 45 all in one week. That really is asking a lot. Even I didn't go that mad. I just added about 5 mins to my runs each week (ie about a km) and quickly got up to 10k without injury. I hope you get fit again quickly.

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