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Do I push myself?

Hi all, on week 8 day 2. Had a good run tonight and was nearly at 4k tonight when I hit 28 minutes, so I carried on and completed the 4k. Felt comfortable to continue but am now wondering whether it's wise to push on or stick with the 28 minutes? I know you can injure yourself if you increase it too quickly but I do feel within my capabilities. Thanks

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I don't think it is a problem -- you are nearly finished now - only 2 more minutes between where you are now and the finish !! :) I always thought that the final 3 weeks of C25K were a bit "strange" - 3 days of 25 mins, 28 mins and finally 30 mins. I guess that maybe it "consolidates" the long (over 20 minute) runs or something. Not many of us do 5Ks in 30 minutes at the end of the programme - I know that I didn't. It took me 40 minutes or so to get to 5K - but have now narrowed it down to a tad more than 34 minutes ( however at this time , I am doing that time in a non non-stop style of running ( ie I walk a little !! :) )


I was in w8r2 when I did my first parkrun. I figured that when I got to 28 minutes I would see how I felt. I felt good, so carried on, thinking I'll just dwell the rest if it gets too much. I did my first 5k in just under 33 minutes.

I did complete the programme correctly, apart from when I had a parkrun run day.


* stupid auto predict - I mean walk not dwell


I agree with the others, though it may depend on how hard & fast you run. If you are running at an easy, steady pace (ie you can easily hold a conversation with a fellow runner) I doubt if your body can tell the difference between 28 and 30 minutes and it is only an extra 1/4km or so. If you are running hard so that you are very much out of breath (I am sure you are not, it is discouraged here) then the extra 2 minutes may be a significant extension.


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