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Ice or Heat?

After completing 6 miles tonight for the first time this was my dilemma for the leg muscles - so how's this for a compromise - ice pack on the underside of legs and Paws on top!!

Keen to recover quickly as a big week of running for me, now back on track after 3 weeks laid up from running, did this tonight with the running club, The Run DoonHame 2 Challenge is on Friday night - 30 mins on a treadmill - us mere mortals in Dumfries are competing against 5 adventurous police officers who are running from Wick back to Dumfries to see who can run the most miles - them or about 150 of us on the treadmill.

Sunday is the BUPA Glasgow 10K (my first 10K challenge) and then if still surviving from all of this the Holywood Stroll on Tuesday evening - 5 miles.

These little goals help to keep us motivated and terrified at the same time.

Keep on running everyone.

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Good luck! I too am doing the Glasgow 10k on Sunday! Eek!


Good luck to you - lets hope the weather gets better!


Yeah, its pouring down here! Excited but nervous too!!


Best of luck - all sounds good.

Happy days:-)

(Ps -Just in case you don't know - ice only for a bit - 20 mins mx)


Well done for facing the challenge of these runs. Good luck.

Maybe time to edit your profile - no way you can describe yourself as 'unfit'. More 'super fit' !


Good luck c4ts!! Sending positive vibes.....


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