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ice ice baby

hi everybody,

life took off and ran away with me for a while there so I haven't been on in a while. Well I've had bronchitis and diagnosed with EIA. Am really loving my runs but now the temp. has dropped I really worried about the icy roads and pavements. Have you any tips? In the meantime haven started going to the gym to run on the treadmill. Me no like it big time!!! Apart from the joy of watching myself jiggle in front of a huge mirror the sheer terror of falling off the thing is really killing it for me. I'm taking it nice and easy with no sudden changes . Have you got some tips for me?

I've been reading some posts from the eia/asthma posse and they mention buffers??? Any more info??

My next bind is a crazy thirst I've developed this past three days I'm usually a bit of a camel but lately I've been drinking away. I'm trying to drink more before and after exercise but am tripping to the doctor soon just to chat this over as its out of the ordinary for me.

Overall though I am A1 and enjoying my running I know we've got a long winter in front of us and would love to be able to manage to run outside as I love it so. Its just I have to run at 6 am and the conditions are treacherous then. Any advice from the Nordic/Scottish/northern isles posses greatly received.

Lets be careful out there!!

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Buff! A buff is a cylinder of stretchy material that can be worn in about 13 different ways to protect your head/neck/face when you are running or whatever. They say you can wear it over your mouth to help you in cold weather. Go take a peek at the Buff website where there is all the info and a brilliant video which shows you how to make the various permutations. I have one and I wouldn't run without it now. I shall be taking it out walking with me as well. I wish I'd had it yesterday as I froze on my walk home

Running early in the morning is never going to be easy at this time of year as the thaw doesn't usually happen until the sun has had time to start the thaw. I can only suggest grippy trail shoes and maybe with the added protection of wearing Yak Trax over them


I'll second that: BUFF!!!! Lots of posts mention a buff to warm air on the way in and say that if you're asthmatic it really helps.

1968u, I hate to be a bit of a Jonah, but if you're thirsty all the time and you're of, how shall we say, a generous size, do mention it to the GP or practice nurse ASAP. Expect to be able to produce a sample of wee for them to test to eliminate diabetes. They must check you out. Good luck!


My BMI is well under 25 but will still go and get checked out. Its the sensible thing to do.Appointment already booked. Thanks


So....no bits jiggling on the treadmill!!! Forgive me, that was tactless. I was just concerned about the raging thirst thing. Well, hopefuly all will be well and there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. Let us know how you get on. :)


Like you I'm not a fan of icy roads. One solution is to run off road. Grass and dirt paths aren't nearly as slippery - and it doesn't hurt quite as much if you fall on them. Good luck with the doc, and with the buff (great invention. Get one)


Good idea tomas! would probably be easier on the knees as well!! Will ask Santa to bring me a buff as well :)


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