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Week 4 - struggles + Stockholm Syndrome

Hi there guys, I've been lurking for a couple of weeks but just wanted to speak up to say has anyone else really struggled on week 4? I just had to do a 4th run as W4R1 was so diabolical I wanted to get in 3 decent runs before going onto W5 (which I'm cacking it about).

How can I get over this mental "slump"? I swear this weeks radically different results are a case of the mental, not the physical challenge.

Also, anyone else find themselves falling for the playlist? It may be naff but I find myself singing along when I'm daydreaming on the tube, in the car, at work. It's Stockholm Syndrome, I tell ya ;)

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Hehe it lures you in, in so many ways you would not imagine. It can be more mental for some. It was for me. I was given the advice when i was struggling, before you quit count to 100, I found this helped to take the focus of the running and took me out of my brain sabotage by the time I had got to 100 I was feeling better about the run. Good luck.

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RFC, thanks so much for the answer, what a brilliant idea. That sounds like a pretty good solution.

KK, week 4's musical highlights are the "fake Yello", the "fake N-Dubz" and the "fake Muse".

I'll need to keep going to Week 9 so I can publish the definitive C25k top ten I'm sure everyone's been waiting for :D :D :D


Welcome to the forum Betty ! I have just finished Week 4, all I can say really is just keep going, chipping away, nice and steady. I am now on the "dreaded " Week 5 and not finding it too bad at all, and this is coming from someone who the only way you could get to run is if you ran in front of me dangling 20 fags on a stick ha ha :-) You can do it, don't listen to the demons, you've got this far, keep going !

I like the songs on the podcast too , but ssh don't tell anyone :-)

All the best to you and ENJOY it ! xxx


"dangling 20 fags on a stick" - SO TRUE! :'D


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