Up an runnin!

Up an runnin!

At 66 I've Just started the NHS C25K, after being encouraged and inspired by my friend (Chadders) who has been on the plan for a few months now. Have just finished the second week of the running and have not found it too bad. In fact I look forward to the runs now. My weight was about 11.5 stone 8 months ago, am now 9.6 with a bmi of 21 (5'6" height). I now do yoga and have recently started exercising with hand weights. I now follow a healthy diet (most of the time) and feel better than I did when I was in my forties! Just wish I'd started earlier. Happy running to you all!

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  • Welcome to the gang and well done for getting started. There are plenty of us oldies enjoying our running.

    Picture looks fantastic - are you running on snow? All the best with the programme

  • No am not running on snow, I wish! Just thought it was a lovely photo. I do my running and walking either in Lyme Park or along the local tow paths

  • Well done for getting started on the plan. What week are you on? Please do keep us posted as to how your running is going. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Did 1st run week three this morning and felt ok thank you.

  • Hi again, good to see you here. Look forward to hearing how you get on with c25k. Tell Chadders to join and collect her graduate badge! Good luck.

  • Hi, my friend is already a member (chadders25). Once I can run for 20mins we will run together sometimes. Think she's doing about 40mins at the mo! Will remind her about her badge.

  • I started C25K in January 2013 at 63 after losing a couple of stone on the 5:2 Diet and having so much energy. I then lost another stone and the running is keeping me slim. I've never been so slim or felt so fit and healthy!

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