Listen up peeps

A food for thought moment, since my epic 10k ( hysterical giggles here as actually I almost crawled ) I have received so much support off this and my other site it has got me thinking of my reasons and motivation etc. Well you all know by now I started this running nonsence when my lovely grand daughter, Jessie Corin , was diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to run a RFL in her support and do a good job, she was fighting, I wanted to fight also, not just raise money and walk, so that was my first tentative steps into C25K, the damn running got me hooked , didnt plan on that setback ! Another thing, my Mum , Betty Williams , was told by her doctor, if you dont use it, you will lose it, I aint going to lose it if I can help it, so thats 2 things that keep me going even when I dont want to, ( and I often dont want to, trust me ) the 3rd thing is all the amazing support I get , you have no idea how that spurs me on, I cant let you girls and ( boys) down, you are expecting updates etc, it would be rude to just sit on the sofa and anyway Kathryn Booth it expects it of me. Anyway the point of this is, I started C25K exactly 6 months ago today, couldnt run a step and here I am today just stumbled thru a 10k , and my new motto for everone is


remember you heard it here first

Happy running all


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15 Replies

  • A fantastic mantra GJ. And congrats on your 10k.

    May you raise many £s with your future running

  • one of my late Dad's sayings and your both right

  • woww!! inspiring stuff GJudes : ) I am just starting my journey to 10k. I did 8.8k at the weekend and felt like I had run a marathon - so I am in serious awe of you!!

    I started running for exactly the reason you give - use it or lose it.

    My parents (both in their 80s) have always been very active and I want to be like them if/when I get to 80, but what to do when you're on your own and starting out on the fitness trail at fifty,cough,cough,years old? C25K of course!

    Thanks to the running, walking is now a doddle and I managed to half my time walking up and over Cairngorme and am heading for Ben Nevis next year and the 3 peaks challenge in 2016.

    What I wasn't prepared for was the running addiction - but long may it last! My parents did Ben Nevis for the first time at their respective ages of 70 and 74 so I think I have a way to go before I am as fit as them - and you GJudes lol

  • But what if you never ever had it in the first place???? :)

    -- or maybe you had it once but have since lost it??

  • Never too late to get it back ! Or find it for the first time...

  • I love you Bazza xx

  • Ah , but what if you've used it up and worn it out, hmm ? :-) xxx

  • There was a song about that by Odyssey, of course you and I are too young to remember that. ;-)

  • Ha ha of course , we are but spring chickens !

    1, 2 , 3 shake your body down ha ha :-) xxx

  • I once backed up all the contents of my brain -- but now I can't remember where I put the disk!!!

  • absolutely no hope for you Bazza

  • I had already come to that conclusion myself - hence the username! I figured if my MS was eventually going to take me down, I was bloody well going to use it while I could! Hopefully I will live a long and healthy life, but I don't want to look back on my mobile years with any regrets. :)

  • good luck on that very personal journey, huge respect

  • It's always very motivating to read your posts, GJ, and you're absolutely right: We do expect updates, and we're cheering for you! Amazing result with a 10k, wow, well done!

  • Way to go GJ. You have to grab life by the scruff of the neck don't you.

    Oooh yeah, one, two three, shake your body down, tum ti tum. Not heard that one for a bit

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