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W4R3 complete!

And it went really well! My husband came with me, only his second run, and after he came on W3R3, he said it was too easy for him, but this one he said was just right (bites my knuckle)!

The good thing was that I started my pace slow but by the end it had picked up but it seemed to flow naturally.

Who thought I'd ever be running?! I was the girl at school who was always last :-)

Oh, and I got a mouthful of fly, which led to a very ladylike gob! Lol

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Well done! I was just the same before starting this programme. In fact I was the queen of thinking up reasons to get my mother to write me a note to get out of PE!

It feels pretty good to be running doesn't it!

Good luck with Week 5 - you'll be great!


Ha ha great post ! Well done and good luck for week 5 , you can do it ! :-) xx


Enjoyable post - the flies are nature's way of supplying you with extra protein! Well done on completing week 4 and good luck with week 5. My best wishes to you.


Thanks, from now on I'll look out for those flies and .... gulp!


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