Frustrated. Not with running but some posts on here........some positively disturbing

Frustrated. Not with running but some posts on here........some positively disturbing

Its not 'panthering' as described by one contributor on here (that's laying camouflaged in trees and stalking prey...which would be a worrying running session + should attract the attention of Her Majesty's Constabulary) seems to be mostly jogging + judging by the admissions of some, they seem to walk faster than they run (me included). There have been some worrying medical queries post stated the contributor had 'had a heart attack, was several stone overweight + was now getting pains in the chest and arms when out running'...asking unqualified people what should he do.......Well, its not rocket science...lets leave that to, rather than seek amateur medical advice, see a doctor for goodness sake, and don't venture out again until cleared to do so.

For the record, I'm finding trying to get a bit fitter a struggle + give myself a virtual high five every time I managed to jog past the chip shop without stopping........oh + whilst I'm at it, for advice about correct footwear, bras, etc....go to a proper sports shop + invest in decent running shoes/clothing, not one of these discount warehouse 'staffed' (the loosest possible description in my experience) by spotty teenagers who probably aspire to flip burgers in any case. It should be taken should wear correct attire + not consider its a catwalk every time you stumble down the driveway at dawn........


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  • Really sorry.. I don't want to offend its just my own term I made ( although it is out there in other guises) and I don't mean any harm. All the best with your running :)

  • Please keep panthering Juju! I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I love reading your posts and they always make me smile x

  • You're certainly not alone. I too enjoy reading about JuJu's panthering adventures and emphatically urge her to continue!

  • Me too. Keep it coming.

  • To juju: I think most of us 'got' the message - and love your wacky posts! Doubt if any harm was done. Keep smiling! :) And KEEP ON PANTHERING! :) :)

  • Hi Juicyju, Do NOT take those comments to heart. We all know you would never be offensive to anyone. We have all been enjoying your funny wacky posts so please do not be put off posting.

    HAPPY RUNNING! :) :)

  • You are not obliged to justify yourself. Cheers.

  • Panthering, so many definitions of it, but yours is the original and best. So I support you in the panther position in any way I can.

  • Thank you...,and yes you do...

  • I love the image of you panthering - just keep doing it and telling us about it

  • Ooh... Maybe just don't read them / unsubscribe? I'm sure everyone sees some things on here that aren't relevant to them or push their buttons a bit.

  • MrPlod5k, you could try getting out of the other side of the bed!

  • It made me laugh, the bit about the chip shop! Don't apologise Ju!!! Your panthering is your affair mate and you can't get arrested for it. Trust me I'm a WPC !!!!!

    OK then I'm not, I'm a serial fibber but that's not against the law either. It is???? Well, I never

    Misswobble - wearer of garish pink nylon that sparks as I run but hey who cares. She who dares wins. I got it all from a warehouse staffed by spotty teenagers too but I figure it's better them hanging about on street corners for me to trip over.

    GP!!!! I don't have one. Not everyone does I suspect

  • I love this post by Miss Wobble :-) x

  • We are a supportive site here and do our best to encourage and help fellow forumers. We are very lucky that a few graduates stay around and have such a fantastic way with words. They share their inspirational running stories. This makes the forum a varied and welcoming place to visit. If you read all the posts as I do you will realise that advice is always given to see the doctor, and support Is given after this has happened. The most important thing to realise with this site is that we are mainly transitionary. Many runners come here to learn then move on with their own running regimes. The ones that stay or come back is because they want or need more support. Yes we have injured runners on here but where else would they find support from like minded people. It's our place here to learn and support. I am sorry you find the forum a frustrating place but it works. We very rarely have negative posts such as this.

  • Can I ask you a serious question ?, Im not out to offend you or trying to be flippant, honestly and I hope you don't mind me asking, but is this a serious post or is it an attempt at tongue in cheek humour ?

  • I make a point of not responding to medical related queries. I'm not a doctor, so the best I can offer is.... See a doctor. As for the rest, I try and relate my own experiences too those seeking inspiration or encouragement. That there are so many people seeking to improve their health or just take up a healthy pursuit is a positive thing and if I can contribute by offering encouragement then that has to be a good thing too.

  • Yes I was wondering same as you poppypug ! I'm a bit lost for words really after reading that .

  • Dear MrPlod5k,

    Most of us on here are here because we have found a kind, supportive, like minded group of people. We each have our own journey to make in the very best way we can. Some on here are very well heeled and can afford any clothing, gadget or gizmo they wish to spend their money on. There may be many more who have to watch the pennies, I certainly do, and must take advantage of sales and the best offers out there in the market place. We must be very careful not to make judgements over people and we must encourage and support others as best we can. In my experience with this blog site I can say that when members post about their symptoms or conditions they are ALWAYS told to stop running and to get checked out by the doctor before continuing.

    I am saddened that you seem to find us frustrating. I can only say that if you don't see the funny side of a person's post then just press the delete button. Also please remember that some of these threads often refer back to posts from way back and when taken out of context may appear a bit strange - BUT THEY WERE ALL MADE WITH GOOD GRACE AND A SENSE OF HUMOUR.

    C25K is a tough path which we have set out on and we must be as encouraging as we can be to everyone. May I suggest that you lighten up a bit. I agree that chest pains, injury pains etc MUST be referred to the appropriate medical professionals but the light hearted banter is a huge benefit to some and gets us through the difficult patches.

    I sincerely do wish you well for your journey, but please do not start attacking us or our virtual friends like this. We do not like it.

    I wonder what Dan the Man will make of the catwalk comment? He's the most fashion conscious of us all!

  • Yikes, what a big bundle of negativity!

    I kinda thought we all had enough autonomy and independence to read or not read posts on here according to what interests or disinterests us. If you don't like reading about how others conceptualise their running experience (such as Juicy Ju and her panthering) then don't read it. I'm certain most people post on here to share experience and reflect, not to frustrate or offend.

    Personally I think replies to questions are always pretty sensible. Not to be sexist, but it a well known fact that men in particular are extremely reluctant to go to the doctor when they need to, so if they post here first to gain support which then gives them the courage to go the GP then that can only be a good thing.

    I think your comment about specialist running shops is misjudged too. Surely it is better for people to get out there in old trackies and a T shirt instead of sitting on a couch eating chips? I don't see how a brand named product from a "warehouse" is any different to the brand named product in a specialist shop other than in price and convenience. All runners come in all shapes and sizes but people on this forum are united in their endeavours to be supportive and to make running fun.

    I feel a wee bit sad that there is an individual out there who gets so frustrated by support and the joy of running expressed by other forum members.

  • I see no reason to justify myself to you or to anyone else displaying such bad mannered ignorance. Whilst I appreciate that your apparent lack of upbringing is not your fault (blame your parents for shirking their responsibilities in that direction) I do not feel that good, decent people on this forum should have to bear the brunt of it.

  • Sure if money were no object (and I'm guessing I'm not the only one strapped for cash on here), we'd all love to go to the best shops and buy the best stuff, be that food, running gear or anything else in life.

    However, at the end of the day, nobody's gonna get hurt cos they wear a t shirt from a cheap shop are they? OK buy the best shoes, bra and anything else critical that you can afford but t shirts and shorts really don't matter too much!

  • There is a place where one can can peddle negative observations and catty remarks like this - it's called TWITTER. Try it. You'd probably love it. If not, then you can always try being what everyone else on here does so well - be nice.

  • MrPlod5K- I'd apply a simple rule to this: If you don't like it, then don't read it! There is no need for a personal attack on members of this community, this is a friendly community where we all acknowledge that we are on a journey to get running and improve our general fitness, a journey which is only made easier by the continued support of fellow runners. How people choose to describe their own running experiences, their choice of outfit... it is nobody's choice but their own- just because you may disagree, doesn't give you the right to criticise others.

  • Wow! I've just had three people post to see if we're a team. I'm a bit more of an upholder of immunity against the tyranny of the NHS. Evil despots looking to take over the world. A daily call to arms is posted to show I will not succumb to their torture or cede ground taken. Tomorrow's call has been made in preparation for the new week.

  • Thought I'd pressed the button for my reply but maybe not. Three people have posted me to see if I know you.

    I put out my daily call to arms to show the evil despots at the NHS that they cannot win over the great and good. I will not succumb, they will not stop me, I have the power to fight all they throw at me, tomorrow I continue that fight.

    (I can't help but think you're a bit more serious than me but I agree with all your comments though.)

  • Looking at your picture Mr Plod, are you the world's tallest man ?

  • I took his post to be tongue in cheek. Some people just don't come across too well in their writing abilities. Let's give him the benefit of doubt eh?

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