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Week 5 Run 3 completed!!!!

Today was the day that I had been equally looking forward to and dreading for a while- the 20 minute solid run of W5R3! Slightly nervous, I set off at a nice steady pace, one foot in front of the other, keeping time ticking by nicely, very surprised when Laura politely broke into my train of thoughts to tell me that I had been running for five minutes- a quarter of the way already! The next 10 minutes were an uphill climb, which my legs protested to initially, but I kept pushing and eventually settled into a great rhythm at the top of the hill- only five minutes to go! I knew I could do it at this point, and a great big grin appeared on my face when Laura told me that there were two minutes left to go! I actually sped up, running slightly downhill towards town and made it down the other side of the hill as time was up!

I did shed a little tear when I finished- five weeks ago, there was no way that I'd have even dreamt of doing that, but 5 weeks and minus 10lb later, here I am! :D

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Ah, another ex week-fiver; my, there are a good few of us! Well done; brilliant feeling, isn't it? Does seem a huge jump in running time, but, strangely, it works. Jolly good; well done and good luck for week six. :-)


Fantastic achievement. Well done :)


Congratulations! A wonderful achievement and I hope I can emulate you tomorrow for the very same run.


Very well done and the weight loss is a real bonus! Good luck with your future runs


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