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Week off? Not doing that again!


Ok, so I have had a week off of running, just after graduating due to personal circumstances.

I went for a run on thursday evening trying to de stress, as a week without a run was proving to be a challenge in itself.

Immediately, I suffered with both Achilles- feeling like steel cables rather than any part of me. I had to stop 10 minutes in and walk for a couple of minutes before continuing on at a reduced pace. Ok I thought, week off never mind.....it will sort itself out.

So I went again tonight- Saturday.....good grief! I couldn't breathe, I had the same pain problems infact i had to stop twice this time.

Ok.....anybody had similar after a short lay off of running? Any advice from you folks?

BTW, I usually do a brisk walk for 5m then start to run. I do stretch after running for a few minutes before I stop altogether.This is usally not an issue

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My achilles have always been a problem to me.

I tend to put an ice pack on them the night before I run and gently stretch them prior to the warm up. Seems to work for the most part

forrestgGraduate in reply to runner56

Thx runner 56, I know I probably should do more stretches, just being lazy and cutting corners.:-)

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