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Did you have to take a week off and what did you do when you started again?

Provided I progress to week 8 on Monday (and not so sure after a really bad W7R3 today), week 9 will coincide with a week abroad, when it is highly doubtful that I'll have time to finish off the C25K programme. Should I repeat week 8, or move even further back when I get home again? I expect to return home absolutely exhausted, so I very much doubt I'll be in a position to simply start where I left off, i.e. do week 9 then.

I'm reminded of what a friend, a former professional ballerina, told me once: when she was 18, she could take a week off and only need a day to return to full form. By the time she was in her 30s, she needed a week to return to full form after taking day off. So on the assumption that age probably plays a part in exercise programmes as well, I'd be particularly interested of hearing from those in my own age group, i.e fairly unfit mid-40s.

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I had to take a week off between weeks 3 and 4 due to being on holiday halfway up a Welsh mountain. I was going to repeat week 3 when I got back, when I did it once I realised I couldn't bear to listen to the outstandingly awful music week 3 subjects you to any more so I went onto week 4. No ill effects to report.

Unfortunately that widdly-diddly banjo song from week three ("the trees and the fields and the..." ARGH. SHUT. UP.) still haunts me.



My sentiments exactly lol!


I would stay on track when you get back, u don't just lose what you have learnt, it's 2 minutes more and if by chance you can't manage it you can drop back a bit, go to it with the right frame of mind and I'm sure you will do well. Have a wonderful holiday


I'd see how you feel when you are back from your holiday there is no right or wrong way. Perhaps do one extra run from week 8 and then move on to w9.

Have a great holiday


Gosh, I wish it was a holiday! If it was, I could probably have done week 9 as per the programme. No such luck, though. It was the extra stamina I'll need for this trip which made me take up C25K in the first place, but the repetition of week 2 upset the schedule. Will see how I feel when I get home, and may well go back a week or two if I'm feeling particularly undermotivated.


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