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Went out to run W4R3 last night....ran W5R1 (not by choice!) but it went really well!

Last night, I was all geared up for my run- I had been itching to get out there all week after having to resort to a gym session instead of my run that was scheduled for Wednesday! But, technology was against me! I had quickly charged my ipod earlier in the day and had forgotten to set the podcasts to stay on there and not delete 'listened to' podcasts from the player!! So, I popped in my headphones, all raring to go to finish off W4, and *inserts little tantrum by the side of the road*- no flipping podcast for Week 4!!!!! So, I had two options.... walk all the way home and try again, but I had limited time as I was supposed to be going to the library that evening for a study group..... or, I try out Week 5 Run 1 and see what it is like- if it's too hard, then not a problem as it is one run ahead of where I'm supposed to be anyway, I did a long high-intensity bike ride at the gym, so at least my legs had had a good workout over a long distance....and I was already used to running 5 minutes from Week 4.... so I gave it a try! And, surprisingly, I found it the best run that I had done! I was careful to really watch my pace and take it nice and slowly and concentrate on getting the 5 minutes done, rather than attempting to blast along with the music- I wasn't getting out of breath, and my recovery time has dropped so much since I was red-faced and puffing around my local park in Week 1!! I felt that W5R1 went really well, but do I repeat it again on Sunday before R2, just to make sure I have the 27 runs in the programme, or do I move on if I feel that it went well?

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Do what you feel, if it went well carry on regardless. I missed out W2R3 and it didn't do me any harm. I wouldn't make a habit of missing out runs though and I didn't miss out on anymore. Well done and good luck with the rest of the plan :)


Nah, if it was a good run then just go on to the next one. At least it's taken some of the worry out of this particular week - you'll ace it. I can't see anything to be gained by repeating it just to get a set number of runs in the programme. Well done on this run and good luck with your W5R2 - look forward to seeing your next successful post. Best wishes.


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