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Ready for first race (w9r2 done today)

I am signed up for a 5k race in Sheffield on Sunday (Neuro Head Start 5k &10k), and have been timing my runs for the last few weeks so that the graduation runs becomes the race. Over Easter I wasn't as structured as I should have been and missed a run, so w8r3, w9r1 and w9r2 has been Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Not much time for recovery there, but all I have to do now is recover tomorrow and Saturday, and then be nicely rested and ready for Sunday morning.

Today's run saw me do 5.1 km in 31:36, so not quite the magical 6 minutes per km, but very close. Inspired by another thread about different running surfaces, I checked my split times in Runkeeper. And sure enough, on the first three km where I run on a grassy (and mole hill infested) towpath the average speed was 9.6 km/h, and on the last two km where I run on a road the speed was 10.5 km/h.

Got my running number (first time I've ever had one of them), my c25k graduate t-shirt (never worn YET), and route instructions to the country park where it the run takes place. All I need is a few safety pins to pin the number to the shirt, and then I'll be ready!

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Sounds like excellent preparation - hope your graduation run goes well!


Well done I hope you really enjoy your graduation run, it's great to do it at a special event. Your time is already impressive so just go out there and enjoy


Well done on getting those 3 runs done in such a short space of time - you're braver than me. Have a wonderful time at the race on Sunday and enjoy your graduation. Good luck and best wishes.


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