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am I being sensible or lazy?


I had a good bank holiday running wise - I did my intervals (yuk) on Saturday and a hilly 6k and then a fairly hilly 6.5k walk on Monday.

Monday night my knee wasn't great. It used to do this stab-of-pain-almost-give-way thing but has been better since running and yoga. I decided to rest it for a few days and run today.. it's been better than it was on tuesday but not as good as i'd hope...

Now i am thinking of resting until the weekend and doing a 5k on saturday to see how it goes.. or am i just making excuses to not go for a run and should i stuff it and get out there?

What to do?


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You might go for a little jog today, then rest tomorrow, ready for your run on Saturday. Today's little jog might be an indicator for Saturday.


I think misswobble speaks words of wisdom. Another advice is to train your knee up with some walks - they're not nearly as hard on the knee.


Your not being lazy your looking after your knee, I would maybe use some ice on it and if it feels good then go for a shorter run to see how it feels.


I'd go along with misswobble and do a little jog before deciding about a 5K. You are not being lazy just taking care of your knee. Good luck and best wishes.

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