Blimey - it isn't a fluke - had another good run today

Did my second B210k run today. It was a very hilly route - so i was not sure what too expect- the hills were killing - but actually not undoable and not as daunting as they usually are. Caught a sunshine window - and it all felt good. I am definitely getting stronger and can sustain a better running pace.

So my message is patience - I have been v grumpy about not getting better and feeling like the slowest tortoise. But those capacity building runs and interval training do pay off. I have been reading a book on running which talks about comfortable running speeds and the building up of your cardio vascular system to cope with extra demands of running and your heart being a muscle responding to that training. All makes sense now :-)

So I am in a very happy place - slightly achy - but know that is a good sign _ as my muscles will be stronger next time, slightly buzzy feeling, but also chilled and happy with the world at large. Happy days :-)


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  • Hills are supposed to be really good for improving speed, good on you for tackling them, the distance work will feed back in to the shorter runs as well making them faster.

  • I know I know- but such slow progress - keep forgetting to take my age into account - which isn't ancient but still old enough.....

  • lovely blog and what a great feeling to feel that its all worth the effort and you do improve...I love the buzzy muscles feeling, I miss that on non run days . Hills are great for building strength and also stamina!!! well done you.

  • yah yah - I am on it - but currently on the other side of a few ribena;s. Apparently reigned in as of tmox.....

  • Ha ha I'm on the Ribena too... Great isn't it??

  • Great suzybenj. Where did that labrador go?

  • thanks and ha ha wolf territory now - but still chubby :-)

  • Sounds just perfect - well done you!

    What's the name of the book? I really want to get to grips with the whole science of running - heart rates etc. While it's nice to just go out and run, I'm sure I need to start thinking about more "useful" training if I'm going to improve.

  • Hi honoursmum. The read that was very practical and no nonsence is Owen Barder - a british running enthusiast. He has a website and his book is there on the site - which you can dip in and out of. I liked it no spooky science. The other book I hesitate to mention - but I have found it very useful in getting into my running groove - bearing in mind i am still on baby runs buiilding up to 10k - Is the non runners guide to run a marathon by D A whitset - lots of v good practical advice chapter by chapter as you build up your runs. Particulary good on the mental side of running. It is american - but as an under confident runner it has given me a lot to think about as I am about to extend my distance. I am aiming to run the London Marathon in april 2014 - this book has made me believe I can do it : -)

  • Great to hear you are making some real progress.

  • Thank you nerdio - it has taken time - but is beginning to pay off - just impatient for my body to adapt quicker!!

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