Away for work - Week 7, Run 2 Complete!

Away for work - Week 7, Run 2 Complete!

So, work has me away in Finland this week so I packed the running gear and figured I "might" be able to get a run in at some point to keep the training up. I dragged myself out of bed early this morning and asked at the hotel about where I could get a decent run in (somewhere around 4-5km).. Result? A lovely early morning run in beautiful sunshine around a bay in the centre of Helsinki!

What a way to discover a new city! Bring on graduation. I even now have thoughts of making my graduation run a Parkrun - I may have gone mad! Good luck to all of you!

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  • Looks a wonderful place for a run!

  • Ooooh that looks just the thing to inspire a C25ker! Lucky you. What a find

    If you do enter Parkrun, remember to enter as a member of C25k as this wonderful programme only exists to help folks get fit. I think it's listed as NHS C25K on the Parkrun registration

  • No you haven't gone mad - you're just finding out some more of the benefits of running. Well done on completing your second run of week 7. The beautiful surroundings must have been a real bonus - photo looks great. Good luck with your next run and best wishes - graduation not so far off now.

  • My work recently sent me to Florida for a conference. Like you, I packed my running shoes and was able to fit in a run on the beach one morning. Running has opened up a whole new world for me.

  • Love the photo...lucky you!

  • You may think you have gone mad as may some of your friends and family but a friend of mine who is a hill-runner thinks it normal. When I started she said I was 'normalising'. I had just started c25k, when for my 59th birthday she entered me in the Callanish marathon for this August!

    Good luck with your graduation & enjoy.

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