W1R2 - Pushing through run 1's aches

This morning I did W1R2 and felt it was a lot easier than run 1. The was still a fair amount of procrastination, but certainly felt a lot more motivated to do it today. It's amazing what you can get done when you're avoiding doing something though! I walked out the door and it felt like the intro was a lot shorter this time, or maybe I was walking slower. My calves were certainly aching a lot and it felt harder to to run than before, but overal I was less out of breath than the first day. I can't help but think that week 1 is finishing rather quickly! Also experienced a little hay fever as my running route passes by fields full of rape. Hopefully that won't stop my running.

3 Replies

  • Well done for getting started, just remember to take it slow and always take your rest days.

    Good luck for your next run

  • Oooo, don't worry, I'll definitely be taking my rest days but I always find it's the day after the day after that's the worst for aches and pains :)

  • That will ease as your body grows accustomed to running. Good luck

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