Couch to 5K

Week 6 all done!!

Went out this morning and did run 3 of week 6. Unless I get in the car every run involves one or two hills and today was no exception. But I kept trucking & didn't stop so felt extra proud of myself. The last 5 minutes seemed to last forever but I did find something extra for the last 60 secs :-).

Just can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing & how fast progress is made. This programme really is fantastic.

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Just did that one this morning too, good luck for next week


I did mine too but managed about 15 mins and gave in. I've found week 6 very hard and am repeating the week as I really want to get there! Good to read your experiences and I'll keep on trying


Well done on getting week 6 out of the way. It's one of the toughest in the programme. Good luck with the start of week 7 and best wishes.


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