OMG 2 runs and Ive gone and bought shoes

Cant believe myself, I've done 2 runs of week 1 and went out and bought decent shoes, £90 ! am I mad ? but they are so comfy and the lady shop assistant so helpful, I just got out the credit card and went for it ( also got 3 pairs of sox as well) I sure had better stick to this. MY newbies are Asics and so comfy, tbh the ones I were using we re more a fashion statement complete with pink strips and sparkle so wasn,t the best choice for jogging, Now all I got to do is sort the mp3 player out

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  • No your not mad , you will stick to it because those trainers will spur you on , I did the same but I'd waited till wk 4 then I got a garmin on wk 6 lol . Enjoy your purchases & I've a sneaky feeling they won't be your last lol. Happy running

  • You've definitely done the right thing, motivational to have new shiny trainers but you can also console yourself that you are less likely to get injured so its 90 quid well spent!

  • Ooh new shoes! How exciting! Not mad at all, just got to carry on now. I am sure you will. I got new Asics the other week too and so far they have been lovely and comfy. The thing is you need to make sure your feet are comfortable and that you are looking after yourself and I reckon if you can do that you will carry on and reap the benefits from this programme. So, go you! x

  • Good decision! Nothing like a financial outlay to keep the motivation going and you have the perfect excuse- you're protecting yourself from injury. Classic win win situation!

  • A good investment I'd say. You can't put a price on looking after your body.

  • so my 3rd run ( well stumble along like a baby elephant really ) in the am . I cant believe I am excited, and even tis early in the game I am finding it is so mood improving and energising

  • You are eminently sensible! Also, the more you splurge on running shoes and all the rest, the more you feel you need to persist with running to justify your investment! :)

  • Well done on getting new shoes. You have made a wise decision and £90 is a small price to pay for looking after your feet and legs. You will notice a huge difference tomorrow morning when you run in them for the first time. Good luck with your third run of the week and best wishes.

  • I didn't buy the Garmin until well after Graduation, but to be honest I wish I'd bought it at Graduation as it's brilliant. Wouldn't be without it now. Maybe that should be your gift to yourself for finishing the programme

    Keep up the good work. Your new Asics should see your comfortably to Week 9 and beyond. Happy running

  • So did the 3rd run, week 1 this am and was back by 7 35 am. The shoes are so comfy and I do believe it was a tad easier, well not easy, still hard, but felt more in control. Signed up for 5k and got £70 of sponsors since 10pm last night !! go me !! Misswobble, what exactly is a garmin, I have looked on Amazon but maybe you can explain it better in words of no more then 2 syllables !! Another thing I need to suss, I am wondering id I can put ear phones on my phone as at moment I periodically put it to my ear when I think a prompt is due, this am I missed one and was running for ever, it seemed !!

  • Hi Judes, unless you actually tab into the reply button of misswobble's reply to you she won't be notified that you've replied to her without revisiting this post again. A Garmin is a GPS watch. I bought one after graduating. There are different models. Mine is the basic but it tells me how far I've run, shows where I've been when I load it up on to my computer, it tells me my time, how long each K/mile takes, how many calories I've burnt & I can set it up to say how long I would like each K to take & then it tells me when I'm on pace, behind pace or ahead of pace. This can be a complete pain or a great tool. It can be a task master which isn't always a good thing so now & again I tell mine to chill out. Bought mine before Christmas with Tesco vouchers & so got it half price.

  • I believe you can use earphones with a phone (depends what model you have I daresay) but if you want something really easy peasy why not get a cheap MP3 player and download the podcasts onto that. In the meantime, well done on completing the third run of W1 - see, the shoes do make a real difference - and good luck when you move on to week 2. Best wishes.

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