Couch to 5K

Thank you to everyone who replied to my moan

Thank you to everyone who replied to my moan and reminded me why I am doing this!

There are a number of things I'm going to change that will hopefully help me keep going. I'm going to download the other podcasts and see if they help and also maybe try an audio book rather than music to see if concentrating on something else helps.

I also know I have speeded up considerably since I graduated which appears to be my natural pace and is certainly better on my knee, however this is probably what is affecting me most on the stamina. So I'm also going to go back to week 6 and try those runs with the walking break to see if that helps, I really don't want to slow down any as I feel that's what aggravated my knee in the first place.

Thank you and happy running everyone x

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Since a change in blood pressure medication which has affected my ability to run non stop, I have been experimenting with the run/walk method on a 4:2 basis. Not only have I achieved greater distances - having worked up to 7k, but I have also just recorded my best time of 36mins 30 for 5k. I think I am able to go much faster in the running sections and then recover my breath while walking.

It won't appeal to everyone, but worth a try for a change if you feel you are struggling! Good luck.

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If your running pace has changed to what is actually more comfortable for you, then going back to intervals sounds like a good idea. You *may* not need to do every run of weeks 7 and 8, but even if you do then it's building up your stamina.

Hope your enjoyment and sense of achievement comes back - you've done so well to get this far.


I also am experimenting with various run-walk intervals. Incidentally, using that technique is said to result in far fewer injuries, as well as enabling longer distances at an earlier stage.

Having proved to myself I can run continuously for 30 minutes, my target has now shifted to increasing distance in the most economical way possible for my physique, physiology and age. I've reached 5.5 miles on my "long" session and will be tacking 6 miles in the coming week. What is more, I too reached a PB for 5K today, allowing myself to walk whenever it felt right. My time of 40:10 was not anything as good as Ullyrunner's, but it was a bit over 4 minutes faster than my first Parkrun three weeks ago and 8 minutes faster than my predicted 5K time after my final C25K session about six weeks ago, which was the last time I attempted to run continuously for a defined time.


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